Northern Forge Studios—the team behind the beloved augmented reality geolocation title, Orna RPG, has finally unveiled Project A. The game will be a cooperative turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world.

Check out the reveal trailer on YouTube!

Hero of Aethric has been a long time coming, and has been mentioned by the studio a few times in their Discord and State of the Game posts. It is set to release later this year

The game is aiming for release on both Android and iOS, with the potential of expanding to others platforms in the future. It will exist alongside Orna RPG in a shared universe.

The full press release is available here. The biggest draw of Hero of Aethric is that it’ll allow fans to explore the world of Orna from the comfort of their own home. You won’t need to explore the outdoors to move your character around!

Whilst the GPS exploration was a huge part of Orna, the studio wants to give players more options in how they play. Hero of Aethric is already up for pre-register on the Google Play Store.

Hero of Aethric gameplay screenshot from the Play Store.
Hero of Aethric Screenshot

As you can see from Hero of Aethric’s screenshots from the Play Store, the gameplay looks similar. The biggest change seems to be the removal of geolocation-based movement. It still shares the same retro pixel visuals and user interface.

It will also feature the familiar turn-based combat system, and also stick with its multiplayer roots. You’ll be able to adventure solo or team up with friends! There’ll be plenty of dungeons to explore, raid battles, and loot to collect.

The developers attribute the success of Orna RPG to making this project possible.

“Now that we have a full studio of resources behind us… We intend on developing content for both games simultaneously.”

For fans of Orna RPG—don’t worry. The studio has reassured this won’t affect the development of the game. Both titles will coexist, and have content developed concurrently.

Hero of Aethric gameplay screenshot from the Play Store.
Hero of Aethric Screenshot

The developers have also restated the 2022 content plans for Orna RPG. This includes new monthly events, endgame content, and the summoner classline. We also saw a new storyline earlier this year, along with themed events.

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