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The Peridot Beta is now live in Singapore!

Niantic’s new augmented reality pet game is now available for play in Singapore! This is all part of a slow beta roll-out.

Players in Singapore will get the chance to participate in the Beta and adopt their first animal!

The Peridot Beta is also available in Malaysia, and started earlier this year. The game is inspired by classic pet simulation games, and was recently shown off at the Lightship Summit!

The Lightship Summit was an event to showcase the new augmented reality technologies and powered games.

The game will have you raising one-of-a-kind adorable creatures. You’ll be able to go on walks and daily adventures with them.

You’ll even be able to get up close and personal, playing with them and taking pictures as they interact with the real world!

Not only that, but you even need to make sure their needs are met. Feeding them, and keeping them happy.

Aren’t they cute?

Peridot will be rolling out to other countries soon as part of Beta. You can sign-up for testing and the newsletter over on the official website.

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