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Real-Time Translating Smart Glasses Revealed By Google at I/O 2022

At the I/O 2022 developer conference, Google ended on a high note with a reveal of their new real-time translating smart glasses.

These real-time translating smart glasses is just one of the new augmented reality projects from Google, and a way to showcase their dedication.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, even goes as far as calling augmented reality “the next frontier of computing” when talking about the company’s commitment to the technology.

The smart glasses in the video are an early prototype, but highlight the strengths of augmented reality to aid our everyday life.

“Language is just so fundamental to connecting with one another. And yet, understanding someone who speaks a different language, or trying to follow a conversation if you are deaf or hard of hearing can be a real challenge.”

Google’s Translating Smart Glasses in Action

Google’s Smart Glasses real-time translation advances on their translation and transcription software, which is already available on smartphones.

These glasses really outline just how big of a game-changer augmented reality can be in aiding our everyday life.

Especially for those hard-of-hearing, and communicating between different languages. These glasses could break down barriers, and help connect people.

It’s currently unclear if these smart glasses can do anything else aside from real-time translating- but imagine if you could run other apps!

The future is now, it’s going to be exciting to see everything Google does with augmented reality.

You can watch the entire I/O 2022 Conference here:

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