2022 May Community Day Art

Trainers, get your Pokeballs ready! Niantic has announced the Pokémon for the 2022 May Community Day Event!

The 2022 May Community Day will be happening on Saturday, May 21st, and will run from 11AM to 2PM local time.

This Community Day will feature Alolan Geodude in all his rocky, shiny glory! Not only will they appear more frequently in the wild, but Shiny rates are boosted too.

Shiny Alolan Geodude, Source:

If you evolve the Alolan Geodude during the event, or up to two hours after—you’ll get an Alolan Golem that knows Rollout!

Like the other Community Days, there will be a Special Research Story quest line for Alolan Geodude too.

This ticket will cost $1, however, Niantic has also added the ability for you to buy tickets and gift them to other players!

Some other bonuses as part of the event include 2x candy for catching Pokemon, 3x stardust, and 50% less stardust required for trades.

If you want a full list of the Alolan Geodude May Community Day Event features, you can check that out here.

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