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Pokémon GO Buddy Widget Feature Now Available!

Pokemon GO Buddy Widget in Action

Niantic has just dropped a new Buddy Widget Feature for Pokémon GO! Now you can track your progress wherever you are.

The Pokémon GO Buddy Widget feature is out now for both Android and iOS devices. The developers say it works best when you have Adventure Sync enabled.

This new feature will let you add your Buddy Pokémon to your device’s home screen, so you can keep track of them without opening the game!

This is a great quality of life update for those who want to keep track of their steps, hatching eggs, or earning Buddy candy!

Pokémon GO Buddy Widget Feature Art
The new Buddy Widget feature really puts the Pocket in Pocket Monsters!

Last but not least, it’s a cute addition to your phone’s home screen! Who doesn’t want to see their favourite Pokémon every time they open their device?

If you need any help setting up the widget, you can check out the help article here. Whilst this guide only covers Apple devices, the feature is on Android too and the steps are similar.

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