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VoxelizeAR turns the real world into Voxels!

VoxelizeAR in action!

VoxelizeAR is a new app for iOS that lets you turn the real world into voxels through augmented reality!

This app is yet another experiment from Matt Bierner. You can see it in action down below:

The app is available now on the iOS App Store and is completely free!

So how does VoxelizeAR work? Well, as you touch your screen, the app converts the 3D geometry of your world into a grid of single coloured voxels.

The developer explains, “this isn’t a simple image filter however.” The app uses AR to persist the voxelization effect, even as you walk around!

So you’re creating your own little slice of voxelized reality. The developer states that the app works best on devices that have a LiDAR sensor.

If Matt Bierner sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve covered his other projects previously. Such as the augmented reality music visualiser!

If you want to find out more about Bierner’s adventures into augmented reality, and VoxelizeAR — you can check out his official website.

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