Niantic acquires Scaniverse

Niantic has announced that it acquired Scaniverse by Toolbox AI, which is the leading 3D scanning mobile application.

Scaniverse allows users to easily capture, edit and share 3D content through just their phone camera and augmented reality.

So no wonder Niantic would want to join forces! Especially with them pushing their new Lightship development platform.

If you want to see Scaniverse in action, we’ve included a video down below.

In the official announcement, Niantic even mentions how this acquisition could affect their games.

“Imagine everyone simultaneously experiencing Pokémon habitats in the real world, or digital characters taking us on a walking tour of hidden city gems, or friends leaving personal notes in real world locations to find later. This is what large-scale mapping can enable, and we’re excited to continue building its future.”

This seems to be part of Niantic’s journey to map out the world in 3D, and also set down the fundamentals for augmented reality.

This would also probably be a huge addition for their new Lightship development kit platform. Niantic has really been ramping up their efforts in augmented reality.

As part of the deal, the Scaniverse creator Keith Ito will also be joining Niantic’s AR team. This is the latest acquisition for Niantic in the 3D mapping space since in early 2020.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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