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City Stories: Wroclaw now in testing!

City Stories: Wroclaw now in testing

City Stories: Wroclaw is now in testing! You can sign-up for the alpha test for a chance to play over here.

City Stories is a series of augmented reality games being developed Cat-astrophe Games.

The series of games plan to “turn the whole city into your playground.” By using AR it will blend fiction and reality into making engaging experiences.

The games will be modelled after choose your own adventure stories. There will be meaningful interactions and non-linear conversations.

“Powerful witch unravelling her past? A lonely detective from the 30s? Or maybe an android, lost in the futuristic cyber-city? Choose your adventure and become its main character!”

City Stories will even have game puzzles and tracking characters, as you follow them through the city.

The game utilises augmented reality technology and geolocation for accurate experiences.

As the name suggests, City Stories: Wroclaw takes place in the city from Poland. The game will give you an all new way to experience the city.

Don’t worry though, the developers are going to be working on more games for more locations soon!

Augmented reality can be such a strong storytelling tool, so it’ll be interesting to see this City Stories evolves.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out the developer’s official website. You should also go read our other AR game articles!

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