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AT&T and Facebook team up for 5G Augmented Reality Experiences

Image for AT&T and Facebook Teaming Up

AT&T and Facebook Reality Labs have teamed up to create 5G-powered augmented reality experiences using the Spark AR platform.

These augmented reality experiences will be built for Facebook’s apps including Instagram and Messenger.

Spark AR Studios is a new tool from Facebook that allows creators to easily develop augmented reality experiences and integrate them with social media platforms.

Spark AR Studio, Facebook

The first augmented reality experience between AT&T and Facebook’s partnership brings you the iconic Tune Squad from the new Space Jam: A New Legacy movie.

You will be able to bring the squad to life and experience them in glorious 3D as if they were really there!

With the Tune Squad AR experience you can place down any character you like and take photos with them! You can check out the experience here.

So how does 5G affect augmented reality? How does it enhance the experience?

5G technology is a huge leap for augmented reality and can help improve both performance and reliability. From faster loading times to better graphics.

AT&T believes their 5G network is crucial for augmented reality and can increase the depth of immersion and engagement.

You can learn more about AT&T and their 5G network here. Tune Squad is only the first in many more AR experiences to come from the Facebook partnership.

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