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Google Lens app redesign focuses on Screenshots instead of Live View

Header Image for Google Lens App Redesign

So Google has rolled out a new update for its Google Lens augmented reality app. This update features a redesign for the home page and user interface.

The app now loads open for users to choose between “Search with your camera” or to go through your screenshots.

This allows the user to easily use any photos in their gallery for analysis and augmented reality.

Other aspects of the Google Lens app user interface has also received a redesign. For example, now the bottom corners of the app are now curved.

Google Lens is an app that uses augmented reality to easily search and interact with what you see.

Google Lens can be used to easily scan and translate any text in real time, or from images.

The app can even be used to identify plants and animals. Whether it’s a dog you saw in the park, or a flower in your friend’s apartment.

Google Lens can help with homework! Source: Google

This update is currently live on Android, however the Google Lens app redesign isn’t available on iOS just yet.

To find out more about Google Lens, you can check out their official website. Google has been doing a great job at supporting augmented reality in the past few years.

You can install Google Lens for both Android and iOS. To stay up to date with all things augmented reality, check out our monthly newsletter.

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