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Rokid Air video glasses preorder now available

Promo Image for Rokid Air Video Glasses Preorder

The Rokid Air augmented reality video glasses preorder has gone up! If you jump in now, there is a super early bird deal price for just $319.

The Rokid Air is aiming to be the most affordable AR Glasses and is compatible with other devices such as Android and iOS phones, PC and the console platforms.

These glasses are usable in everyday life. You can sit back and watch movies, sturdy or work, watch tutorials whilst you cook and more!

Promotional Image for the Rokid Air Preorders
The Rokid Air glasses are extremely lightweight, which is great for comfort and wearing it for long periods of time. Source: Rokid

The Rokid Air is one of the most lightweight augmented reality glasses we’ve ever seen. It only comes in at 90 grams!

The glasses also come with a built-in smart assistant so the experience is hands-free with AI voice control.

Thanks to the built-in noise-canceling microphone and voice recognition technology, the Rokid Air won’t have any issue picking up your voice and commands.

If you’re interested in preordering the Rokid Air or signing up for a launch notice, you can do so here.

GIF showing how the Rokid Air works
Use your phone as a touchpad and controller! Source: Rokid

The glasses even let you use your phone as a touchpad! You won’t need to buy extra controllers or a separate device. You can use your phone as a pointer.

The Rokid Air also offers crisp 4k images with a 43º FOV. It’s like watching a 120-inch screen from a few feet distance!

If you are interested in Rokid and their work in the augmented reality field, you can learn more at their official website. You should also sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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