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Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6 Acquired by Discord

Art from the Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6

Everybody’s favourite communication app, Discord, has acquired the augmented reality startup Ubiquity6.

This news was announced by the team on a Medium post. There is also a statement from the CEO/Co-founder of Ubiquity 6, Anjney Midha.

“Our mission at Ubiquity6 has always been to unlock new ways for people to connect through shared experiences.”

“Joining Discord today allows us to accelerate that mission — Ubiquity6’s team, Backyard product and multiplayer technology will be integrated into Discord” says Midha.

You can read the complete statement from the Ubiquity6 CEO Anjney Midha on behalf of the team here.

Ubiquity6 was behind Backyard, an app that let you play, talk and connect with your friends! All made possible through augmented reality.

Backyard app by Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6
Backyard App

In a few months, Backyard grew to millions of users. The app was a great way to communicate and connect with friends during COVID.

The Backyard app and its mission is a perfect fit for Discord. It aims to create a place and community for people to get together and share experiences.

As of June 26th, the Backyard site and app has been discontinued and taken down. That being said, it is confirmed the app and technology will be integrated into Discord.

Discord acquiring the augmented reality startup Ubiquity6 is huge news! Augmented reality can really change the way we interact and connect with other people.

Ubiquity6 plans to bring the best of the games and features that were available on Backyard to Discord.

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