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TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal Releases in New Zealand

Transformers Heavy Metal Gameplay

After only nearly two weeks, Niantic’s new TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal releases in New Zealand for testing.

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal is an augmented reality game being developed by Niantic and Very Very Spaceship in partnership with Hasbro.

If you want to learn more about the gameplay, we have a first look article you can read here. There are also plenty of gameplay videos up on YouTube. from the NZ release.

First Look at TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal Gameplay
Source: Niantic

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal seems to have a heavier focus on combat compared to Niantic’s other titles.

The game will have you battling against the evil Decepticons with popular Autobot characters, like Bumblebee.

It features a turn-based battle style with RPG and customization elements for the robots.

The New Zealand soft-launch is available for both Android and iOS. Hopefully it doesn’t take long for the game to roll out to other countries.

Niantic also has nearly a dozen other games in development, including the Pikmin AR game in partnership with Nintendo. To stay updated you can sign-up to our monthly newsletter.

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