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First Look at TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal Gameplay

First Look at TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal Gameplay

Source: Niantic

Here is the first look at TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal gameplay, the new augmented reality game from Niantic.

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal is being developed by Niantic and Very Very Spaceship in partnership with Hasbro.

The game was only announced last week, but luckily we’re getting a peek at the gameplay now!

Keep in mind TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal is still in-development, so the gameplay is subject to change.

Just from first glance, the gameplay definitely has the bones of your usual Niantic game. TRANFORMERS is still geolocation based and user-interface looks similar.

We can tell that the game still has a level system similar to Niantic’s other games. There also seems to be a chat function, and players will still interact with objects on the map.

Instead of a custom character, it looks like the player will collect and battle with iconic Transformers.

Whether or not we’ll be able to play as both Autobots and Decepticons is currently unknown. We can also see from the battle user-interface that bosses exist.

The game also seems to feature a sort of energy system in combat, which you can see from the numbers in the yellow hexagons (cards and top left/right corners).

These early screenshots of TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal gameplay look promising. It seems like there will be a heavier focus on combat.

Concept Art, Source: Niantic

This is great news for people looking for a more competitive and battle-based augmented reality game. Currently Niantic is lacking in that department.

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You can sign-up and pre-register for TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal over on the Official Website.

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