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Pokémon GO adding in a Real-Time Sky Mechanic

Promo Art for the Pokémon GO Real-Time Sky Mechanic.

So Pokémon GO is finally adding a real-time sky mechanic which will mimic a player’s sky based off of their geographical location.

In addition to this, the game is also adding in new Pokédex classifications to keep track of Pokémon variants and attributes.

Some Trainers around the world will be able to test the real-time sky mechanic and updated Pokédex classifications now.

Both features plan to roll out to all Trainers later this Summer. The sky mechanic will be great for making Pokémon GO feel more immersive.

Along with these updates, the Pokémon GO homepage has also been updated. The developers are also teasing news for their upcoming fifth anniversary!

You can check out the official news post here. The updated homepage is now live too!

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