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Augmented Reality Escape Room experience Biohazard is in Closed Beta

Artwork for the Augmented Reality Escape Room Biohazard

The augmented reality escape room known as Biohazard has now entered closed beta. Would you be interested in trying it out?

You can sign-up for the closed beta test over on their official website. Biohazard is being tested on both Android and iOS devices.

Biohazard is an augmented reality escape room experience that can be played solo, or with two other friends.

Save the factory and escape the room! If you’re a fan of escape rooms, or just interested in AR and puzzles – Biohazard is worth checking out.

The game is being developed by ARVision Games, with the world acclaimed GAME OVER Escape Rooms designers onboard. Which currently have more than 400 games running around the world, and 40 stores.

Biohazard will be the first of manyAR games to come as part of their ARiddle escape room platform.

The developers use of AR to bring the escape room to the player instead is genuis! It is innovative, and a great idea considering COVID.

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