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VR/AR Global Summit 2021 kicks off this week!

The 2021 VR/AR Global Summit starts this week! The event will be starting today, June 2nd, and run until the 4th later this week.

VR/AR Global Summit Trailer, Source: YouTube

The event takes place completely online, and is brought to you by the VR/AR association. The goal of the event is to help augmented reality and virtual reality solution providers connect with companies.

This summit will bring together the brightest minds, from designers to hardware manufacturers and even software developers! So people can share ideas, network, and help the industry grow.

This year’s VR/AR Global Summit will have a “The Time Is Now” theme. According to the VR/AR association there will be over 300 speakers at the event. There’ll also be virtual booths, special events, and interactive 1-on-1s.

If you’re someone interested or involved in the augmented reality/virtual reality industry, you shouldn’t miss the chance to attend! It is a great way to share ideas, innovate, and also create connections.

Graphic from the VR/AR Global Summit Website

If you don’t want to listen to us, here are some of the reasons you should check out the summit from the creators!

  1. Learn how to grow your business
  2. Learn practical and proven methodologies
  3. Learn where to find the ROI for your business
  4. Cross-vertical learning and collaboration
  5. Discover new innovative technologies
  6. Networking 1-on-1 video (Speed Networking) & hot topic roundtables (in groups, e.g., Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Defense, Entertainment, Training, Storytelling), and many social events!
  7. Virtual Expo with Virtual Booths where you can see demos of latest products and offerings and talk with the representatives
  8. Do business – schedule meetings with other attendees and get business done!
  9. Experience a world-class event
  10. Get inspired! 

The event is being sponsored by plenty of big industry names, such as Unity, Lenovo, ManageXR, HP and more.

If you want to learn more about the VR/AR Global Summit event and how to attend – you can check out the official website!

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