Pokémon GO’s June Community day will be taking place on the 6th! It’ll feature the popular and mighty Gible! Which was introduced back in Generation 4.

Gible is a dual-type Dragon/Ground Pokemon that was first introduced in the Diamond/Pearl games. It features two evolutions, Gabite and Garchomp. Their designs give off land-shark vibes.

Gible and its shiny variant has been available in Pokémon GO for awhile now, but is pretty rare to find. This Community Day will probably be the first chance for most trainers to encounter it shiny!

If you’ve never seen a Gible shiny before, here is the family line. Shiny Gible and Gabite feature more vibrant colours. Whilst the final evolution, Garchomp, looks more washed out.

Shiny Gible family tree. Gible and Gabite look more vibrant as a shiny, whilst Garchomp looks washed out.
Source: Polygon

Like most Community Day events, we can probably expect a paid pass, event boxes as well as bonuses. Such as a change to egg rates, and increased incense.

If you want to learn more about the event, you should check out the Pokémon GO Twitter account!

If you’ve already forgotten, this month’s Community Day will be Swablu! Which we’ve covered previously. Anyways, we hope you trainers all have a great time with the events and catch them all!

By Camellia Hao Ren

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