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Drop copies of your face with this Augmented Reality Selfie App

Face Drop is an augmented reality app for iOS that is really turning selfies on its head! As you take selfies, the faces you make will drop on the floor – leaving a path of pictures and innovation in its wake.

The app is Matt Bierner’s latest experiment with Augmented Reality. Face Drop is currently in a prototyping stage, but if you want to see it on the App Store, the developer urges you to let him know!

Face Drop is being made in Apple’s ARKit, but the developer notes he has been running into issues with the technology. You can check out the app in action down below!

If you want to learn more, you should check out the creator’s blog post about Face Drop! It gives some awesome insight into the project and behind the scenes information on the augmented reality tech.

Matt Bierner also has some other cool augmented reality projects you can check out on his website! From warping reality to seeing the world in a new perspective. His work is creative and worth checking out!

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