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The Augmented Reality Arcade Shooter Galactic DefendARS out now!

Strange aliens have invaded our planet and started abducting people! The UFOs might seem small, but they are deadly. It is up to you to stop them and repel the aliens in the arcade shooter Galactic DefendARs!

Galactic DefendARs Trailer

Galactic DefendARs is another augmented reality game from the developers of Relic Hunt 3D – 2 Flying Flips Studio.

The game will have you move around to detect alien UFOs and then blasting them down with your own spaceship! You just tap the screen to shoot at the incoming aliens.

Gameplay of Galactic DefendARs

As you play through Galactic DefendARs you will also unlock different power-ups to upgrade you ship. Such as increasing your reload speed, the ability to phase through enemy projects and even super lasers!

It is nice to see more augmented reality-focused games, rather than titles that have it as a side-feature with a focus on geolocation. Although it has been out for some time now, hopefully Galactic DefendARs is just a sneak peek at what AR gaming can be.

You can learn more about Galactic DefendARs over on their Official Website. Or download the game now on Android and iOS.

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