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The Witcher: Monster Slayer launching Summer 2021

Get ready to hunt! The much anticipated The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be launching globally this Summer. So gather up your swords and potions!

There will also be an early access to the soft-launch that Android users can apply to over on the official website. Registrants will find out whether or not they get into early access at the end of this week – 28th of April 3PM CEST.

I’ve had the chance to already play the game as part of the Australia Android early access, and believe it is easily one of the better augmented reality games coming out.

It has a heavy focus on the RPG aspects and actually utilizes augmented reality well for storytelling. The gameplay is also good fun, and any fan of the Witcher will love it! Here were my first impressions.

Monster Slayer has great potential and does a great job at adapting the Witcher franchise to an augmented reality mobile format. The combat system is also fast-paced and fun, whilst still providing enough depth to keep you engaged.

Find out more about the game over on the Official Website, or their Twitter page.

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